GaiaStarter is a platform that helps projects in the AstarNetwork ecosystem built on Polkadot raise funds. GaiaStarter is also the first platform on AstarNetwork to support INO (Initial NFT Offerring), helping many creators raise funds. Ahead of the upcoming global rise of the metaverse, GaiaStarter has decided to support INO.


Until now, investors have had to purchase platform-specific tokens in order to purchase tokens to be launched on the IDO platform. Proprietary tokens with insufficient utility will be sold when the IDO is terminated, resulting in lower prices and losses.

NFT creators could not focus on drawing to launch NFT projects; they needed to spend a lot of time and effort preparing smart contracts for NFTmint, preparing marketing, etc., from drawing to selling NFT and making money. In addition, after raising funds through NFT, IDOs are conducted to launch projects using tokenomics, but even to conduct IDOs, smart contracts, marketing, etc. become burdensome for creators.


A launch pad on GaiaStarter is available to participate in the IDO by staking both stable coins and governance tokens respectively. For creators who wish to launch NFTs on the AstarNetwork, an INO platform and NFT staking functionality will also be available.

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