Revenue Structure

How does the protocol generate revenue?

Staking deposit fee

0.5% staking deposit fee for SAI token acquisition.

Staking deposit fee for allocation acquisition

Deposit fees are paid when users submit tokens to the staking pool to participate in staking rewards and IDO allocation acquisition. The fee corresponds to 0.3% of the staking tokens.

IDO implementation rewards

The protocol side receives a token allocation of 5% as a reward for implementing IDOs in GaiaStartar. This is automatically allocated by the smart contract to the wallet of the protocol side and to our treasury at the time the IDO participant purchases the tokens (harvest).

Where are the revenues managed?

It is managed by the treasury.

Wallet Address : soon

How are revenues distributed?

All of the revenue stored in the treasury.

All SAI token is burned

What about revenue coming in at $USDC?

  • 50% goes towards development and operating costs

  • 50% is invested in assets and the investment income and

    • Buyback at 50%.

    • 50% to buy tokens for related services and airdrop to GaiaStarter

The time at which the operation will be terminated will be decided by a vote of SAI holders.

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