How to participate

1. Staking Period

  1. Enter the amount of $USDC or $SAI you wish to deposit and deposit the staking amount.

  2. When deposited, the money is staked for a certain period of time. During this period, a small amount of IDO tokens are also discharged as a staking reward.

  3. If you stay on for the full period, you will receive an allocation for the percentage you have deposited, and you can withdraw the full amount excluding fees.

2. IDO (Harvest Period)

  1. Enter the purchase amount and purchase the amount you want, with the allocated amount as the maximum (the purchase button can only be used once).

  2. If you are withdrawn during the staking period, the allocation you receive will be reduced by the reduced staking amount.

  3. Withdrawing during the Harvest period entitles the individual to purchase 100% of the allocation.

3. Claim Period

After all sales have been completed, investors will be able to Claim tokens purchased at WL, private and public respectively and own them in Wallet; GaiaStarter will announce when the Claim will be activated.

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